Influential Pinstripe

Are you a Pinstripe Man?

The pinstripe is a suit with two personalities — it’s the perfect suit for men who demand higher standards for both work and play. At Garrison, we’ve reinvented this classic with slim and modern cuts. The vertical lines, specially tailored for your body, are designed to create a lean and lengthened silhouette. No matter your height or frame, we make sure that the pinstriped suit will flatter your body.

The pinstripe always makes an assertive presence in the boardroom. For a presentation, pair it with a crisp and sleek shirt to close the deal. For a fun and unpredictably cool way to play, try mixing it up with patterns; a checked shirt and accessories like detailed cufflinks are great choices. Our tip: if there’s one suit to bring to Sin City, it’s this one.

“The pinstripe always leaves a lasting impression. One side makes an assertive presence in the boardroom, while the other side stands out at play.”

pinstripe suit

The Places

In the boardroom or at the office, the pinstripe prepares you to win. It’s the perfect suit to wear during a business pitch — its vertical stripes will emphasize your posture, which physically enables your confidence to shine through. It’s a wonderful trait unique to the pinstripe.

“In the boardroom or the office, the pinstripe prepares you to win.”

Ways to Wear Pinstripe