Sharp Classic

The Sharp Classic Man

The dark suit is a fine scotch served neat — its slim, tall, and sharp silhouette is simple but doesn’t disappoint. The classic is a staple in everyman’s closet, yet is often overlooked for its commonality. It’s an ideal suit for experimenting because it can fit with any occasion. For example, the classic suit can be worn on regular rotation when paired with coloured shirts and playful cufflinks.

Your choice of socks can also keep it from looking too formal simply by adding bright colours, polka dots, or patterns. It’s perfect for that upcoming formal or wedding, offering you a slim, tall and sharp silhouette. You can style the suit with an eggshell white shirt and a bow tie for any black tie occasion. A classic that will always stay a classic.

well dressed man entertaining lady man in classic black suit man in black custom suit

The Places

The sharp classic suit is simplicity at its finest; always ready for a celebration or a formal event. This is one suit that won’t be collecting dust.

Ways to Wear the Classic Suit